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During our extensive shamanic training we continually found it difficult to source the genuine supplies that were needed for ceremony and healing... so we set off to find traditional and impeccable suppliers from the local artisans, healers and tribesman that live high up in the villages of Andes Mountains or in the beauty of the Amazon jungle.

We take pride in the fact that when we are sourcing these products, we do not ask our suppliers and artisans in Peru to reduce their pricing in any way. It is very important to us that we always give a fair price and pass this price on to you. Our suppliers donate a good proportion of their profits to various charity organisations helping children that have been abandoned by their parents.

Now in 2014, after running the store for over 8 years it is time to extend our ranges to include a more personalised brand of products. We still stock many of the old favourites and we can source anything you need. But after running a sucessful healing clinic, we feel that it is important to include a range of healing support products... We are delighted to introduce Ayni Spirit Heart & Soul Products. 

We also offer TruthSayer Hand-crafted and customised Healing Staffs, Talking Sticks and Wands...

If there is something particular that you need for your work and you cannot see it in the shop, then just ask us... If we can get hold of it for you, we will.

Email us at  dollmanjulie@yahoo.com

Ayni Shamans Shop welcomes Trade Enquiries (discounts available).